Witness Preparation

My experience in research and counseling provides an ideal training for witness prep. It can be critical to help clients understand how to testify! While the general advisory is always “to tell the truth,” sometimes it takes preparation to understand how to remain within one’s scope of practice and answer the question – and ONLY the question!

When counselors, parties to a case, or other witnesses are deposed or in trial, they often, on the one hand, fail to answer the specific question that has been posed or, on the other hand, say too much. When I am able to identify the reasons behind the difficulty, I am able to help witnesses protect their interests while also abiding by their duty to answer clearly and tell the truth.

If you (or your client) have been subpoenaed to testify, contact me to discuss whether you would like help in understanding how the process works.

Client Testimonials

Client, LMHC, CDP in Spokane
“I am remembering last week at this time how nervous I was at the prospect of attending court the next day. Later on in the day when I found out that I was not needed to appear in court I was greatly relieved. That said, I knew if I had gone to court I would had been well prepared thanks to you. Fran, it was a pleasure and an honor to have you represent me as my attorney. I was so impressed with your knowledge and professional background. Your dual degrees in social work and law were invaluable. You were there for me at every turn. I felt understood and knew that you had my best interest at heart. You answered all my questions and taught me so much about the law. You were kind and generous with your time. Thank you.”

“If I ever need an attorney to represent me in a legal matter, you will be the first person I turn to. I am singing your praises to all my colleagues.”

“No matter how much preparation or knowledge you think you have for your court appearance, you’d be well advised to consult Fran beforehand. In preparation for a court subpoena, Fran walked me through any possible scenario, enhancing my knowledge about my own legal parameters and, best of all, increasing my confidence that I could testify with assurance and expertise without ramifications from overstepping my professional boundaries.”