Ethics and Consultation

Ethics Consultations

Individual licensees, attorneys, and agencies are welcome to consult with me on a one-time or ongoing basis regarding questions of legal content or Codes of Ethics related to counselors’ scope of practice.

Assistance in setting up practice, disclosure forms, releases of information

Individual licensees and agencies are welcome to consult on a one-time or ongoing basis regarding setting up practice and ensuring that paperwork forms comply with federal and state requirements. It can be particularly important that your Disclosure / Informed Consent forms contain everything that is both required by law and informative of your practice.

Ethics Presentations

I give a pretty broad array of presentations to counselors, lawyers, and judges. My goal is to help attendees practice in an effective and productive way, all the while staying safe as they help their clients meet the challenges they face.

To counselors, I provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on ethics and risk management. Some areas of practice can contain particular risks involving decisions as to family law, child custody, and psychological evaluation. Sometimes counselors unwittingly create dual roles with clients that are contrary to counselors’ interests, when the counselors really didn’t mean to. In my presentations, I help counselors understand the subtle ways in which a counselor may blur or violate professional boundaries, thereby performing outside their scope of practice and unintentionally creating dual roles. I also teach counselors about the legal and ethical requirements for recordkeeping, as well as other areas of practice where learning to detect “red flags” can save practitioners from a world of misery. Most recently, I speak on the Volk v Demeerleer decision affecting how clinicians practice in WA.

To attorneys, I provide Continuing Legal Education (CLEs) on issues relevant to legal practice. Lawyers have invited me to speak at conferences to help them work most effectively. I present on self-care, overcoming stigma to reach out for mental health services, working with families and therapists, client management when working with high conflict clients, and bullying in the courtroom. I also educate about Coercive Control, a non-assaultive form of Domestic Violence that can undermine productivity in legal processes such as dissolutions, mediation, and arbitration. Hallmark indicia of this dynamic are psychological domination and pernicious predatory behaviors.

If you have particular topics you would like addressed for your groups, let me know and we can discuss creating the presentation you need!

Judges have expressed interest in understanding mental health issues and how mental health conditions may affect litigants’ abilities to participate effectively in the courtroom. I have also spoken on identifying ways in which a judge’s management of the courtroom can optimize litigant awareness and participation in their cases as well as follow-up.

All presentations address ways to develop awareness of cultural issues and bias.


Testimonial for Consultation: This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. 

Client, ARNP
“I consulted Frances about a difficult and very complex situation, and I’m so glad that I did. After several extremely stressful months, it was refreshing to find a healthcare attorney who understood the multifaceted professional challenges I faced as a mental health nurse practitioner. Drawing on her extensive experience in both law and social work, Frances listened carefully and thoroughly to my concerns and provided sensible, much-needed advice with warmth, humor, and compassion. I left our consultation feeling that I could finally navigate through uncertain waters with confidence and knowing that Frances was readily available to support me in case any other issues arose. Frances’ unique skill set and perspective have proved invaluable, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”