Bar Complaints

Lawyer Self-Care and Bar Complaints

At the foundation of many bar complaints is what I call a “miscalculation in self-care.” Somehow, at some point, stress got so bad that it actually seemed like a good idea to avoid calling a client back, use drugs or alcohol to let off some steam, or ignore depression and anxiety to avoid stigma. These are the underlying causes and building blocks of many bar complaints.

If a lawyer gets a bar complaint due to some such miscalculation, I may be able to help you respond so as to receive a dismissal or, as appropriate, access the WSBA Diversion Program.

I educate on the subjects of self-care for attorneys, bullying in the courtroom, and working with high conflict clients.

I also provide consultation on working with high conflict clients and people involved in Coercive Control situations, where the dynamics can be particularly corrosive to litigation, mediation, and arbitration.