Practice Specialties


Department of Health Complaints

If you have a Washington State Department of Health complaint I can help you navigate and advocate.

Ethics and Consultations

Consultation services and ethic guidance practices. I can help with Informed Consent and Disclosures.

High Conflict Personalities in Law

Washington State is no stranger to high conflict and disordered personalities in the court room. Washington State legal professionals are often unfamiliar with how to identify and manage such situations.

Narcissism and Psychopathy

When people with narcissistic and antisocial behaviors participate in legal battles, they can be extremely charming as well as covertly destructive. Many mental health and law professionals do not understand the destruction and costs involved, nor do they know how to identify the red flags.

Witness Preparation

It can be a daunting and scary experience to testify and I am available to prepare you or your client, particularly when opposing parties have displayed disordered personality and high conflict behaviors.

WSBA Bar Complaint

If you are a lawyer with a bar complaint, I can help you navigate and advocate.

Courses and Seminars for Professionals

I provide training, CEUs, CLEs, and seminars to help professionals understand the connections (and dis-connects) between law and mental health

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